Meet Matthew

Matthew Morrish studies the Level 3 Business Services Marketing Apprenticeship at Leeds City College. After realising that university wasn’t suited to his learning style, he wrote this article about his experiences on his apprenticeship and the advantages it has given him in life.

Throughout my childhood and school life, I had one mission – to go to university. It was the one and only thing in the world I wanted to do and I thought by doing so it would make me stand out as one of the best academics, hopefully, brightening my future in the process.

Upon completion of my A Levels, I began my next chapter at university, studying an Integrated Masters in Geological Sciences – a subject I knew I had no real long term future in; but a subject I felt passionate about and wanted to take to the next level. A fool proof and perfect plan right? No. Excessive university fees; a completely unmanageable schedule; and the social barrier problems associated with a ‘stay at home’ student. All these problems and many more contributed to making me a very unhappy chappy and I started questioning my reasons for choosing the university path.

By the end of December, I’d completely had enough of the situation and took the decision to conclude my studies and leave. Some said I backed out before I’d settled in, some even said I’d left because I couldn’t handle the work and was failing, but, my reasons for leaving were simple – it just wasn’t for me. On reflection, I was incredibly naïve (as a majority of us are at that age).

I should have looked at other avenues such as apprenticeships prior to applying for university.

The Apprenticeship

I am now well under way with my apprenticeship at Academic Appointments and I’m absolutely loving my time here. As an apprentice, there’s tons of scope for opportunity and the day to day jobs I am tasked with are incredibly engaging and exciting. My role is more orientated around digital marketing, taking control of the ‘Google AdWords’ and ‘Analytics’ Accounts – both I find absolutely fascinating! I never thought I’d enjoy a job based around analytics and reporting, but it is through Academic Appointments I have found my passion. Job satisfaction is so important and it’s safe to say I am way more than satisfied here.

My course has two different sides to it: 1. The theory and knowledge based around what marketing is and how it works, and 2. The physical ‘on the job’ skills. I have an assessor from Leeds City College come and visit me once a month to track my progress and help and support me when need be, as well as give me all my course work!

University didn’t provide me with much. Would I get a good job at the end of it? Would I have wasted 4 years studying when I could have been building a career? Would I be able to pay back my enormous debt? Would it be worth it? Now compare that to a full time job working for a highly ambitious and successful company; a shorter 12-24 month course paid for completely by Academic Appointments (with the option for progression on to the next level); absolutely zero debt; and the continuous scope of opportunity down the line. We’re the definition of a growing business and it’s fantastic to be playing such an important part in that. We don’t just place teachers into schools here, we change young learners’ education for the better and that’s something I feel very humbled to be a part of.

Moving from Geological Sciences to marketing is quite a crazy change, but it’s a change that I am thrilled to have made.

I am now looking forward to developing my career here at Academic Appointments. The future looks bright!

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