Name: Olivia Willingham

Role: Commercial Higher Apprentice

Tarmac is a well-known brand, but I think few people appreciate the number of opportunities the minerals and construction materials industry offers. I certainly didn’t until I discovered my apprenticeship.

It’s a very diverse job because every six months I rotate to a different department within the commercial team. Currently, I’m working on the design and launch of an exciting new website as well as conducting research into the use of social media in the construction industry. With its increasing use and popularity, it’s important to understand the emerging market trends to keep ahead of the curve. I also interact directly with customers negotiating orders and then booking and planning deliveries. It’s great that I’m introduced to so many areas of the business as it enables me to learn from and collaborate with other colleagues to find the role that’s right for me.

My scheme is structured over four years. Two days a month I go to university to study for a Commercial Management Degree Apprenticeship. Tarmac is also helping me to get accreditation from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) which will be invaluable in helping me to achieve my goal of going into a managerial role in the future.

I think the importance of this sector isn’t truly understood by my generation. Tarmac’s products help to make the world around us, from roads to clean water to pet food! I feel proud to build my career with a company that’s the forefront of its industry, and which has so much relevance for our everyday lives.

I would encourage anyone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship with Tarmac to go for it. I’m only 20, but I’ve already been able to learn and do so much. Even better, I’ve done this while earning a wage, studying for a degree and gaining hands on experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my career.

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