Finance board members have a central role to play preserving the financial health of their organisations and supporting effective governance. Funding in further education is increasingly complex and finance board members need to keep up-to-date with how the sector is changing and continue to understand the important role can they play at the top of their organisations.

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has commissioned PublicCo, Collab Group and AELP to design and deliver a unique training programme to equip finance board members with this essential understanding and knowledge. Tailored by sector experts and FE leaders, the training provides delegates with a real-world understanding shaped by experience of what works.

Our Experts

As part of the comprehensive training material, four sector leaders share their expertise in the form of talking head videos:

• Andrew Hick, Director of Executive Search and Coaching at Cavendish Hawk, discusses the effective behaviours and skills that can be used by finance board members to drive the best outcomes on the board.

• Richard Robinson, Head of Education at Barclays Corporate Bank, outlines the funding and finance environment in FE today the challenges that finance board members should be aware of going forward, and offers the perspective of a lender.

• Chris Green, Partner at PA Consulting, discusses the role finance board members have to play in creating and managing strategic objectives.

• Ian Sackree, CEO at Protocol, discusses the ways in which finance board managers can effectively monitor the performance of their organisation and manage risk.

How it helps

Mirroring the key themes of the programme, their insights provide different perspectives and bring the material to life. They enable finance board members to support their organisations by gaining a clearer understanding of the key drivers of finance and risk in the further education sector today.

Their perspectives also give delegates the chance to reflect on best practice in the sector and highlight the things finance board members need to know, do and ask to perform effectively in their role.

Next steps

The training programme will be delivered through four online learning modules, followed by a face to face plenary session. The plenary gives delegates the opportunity to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and best practice; build peer networks and; embed the learning undertaken online. Booking is open now for these sessions in Bristol, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield.

You can book to attend one of these here

Organisations also have the option to purchase this training tailored specifically for their whole governing body. If you would like to explore this option further, please contact Colette MacDuff at

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