1. Summary



The project, which ran from December 2013 until July 2014, was delivered by a sector-wide partnership. Project partners represented in the project management team include the 157 Group, AELP, IfL, NIACE and the Gazelle Colleges Group. In addition, a further 10 sector organisations were represented on the project’s active Steering Group in order to ensure relevance, accessibility and reach to all parts of the sector. In addition to these groups, the project established a Sector Task Group and an International Academic Advisory Group to support its effective delivery.

The project had a number of strands of activities, including:

Dialogue with sector ‘leaders’ to identify the attributes required to be an excellent and effective leader (Strand 1);

Identification of the range of development activities that education and training providers currently use to develop leadership skills among their staff and an assessment of gaps in current leadership development opportunities, supported by recommendations of how such gaps could be addressed (Strand 2);

Implementation of a virtual brainstorming exercise to seek views and contributions from across the sector on the future changes and challenges facing sector leadership (Strand 3); and Development of a number of video ‘think-pieces’ to stimulate discussion and debate among organisations and the sector of key leadership issues (Strand 4).

This report summarises the full report developed for the Education and Training Foundation. It briefly describes the activities and outcomes associated with each strand above and concludes by pulling together a number of overall conclusions and recommendations.


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