1. Summary



Concerns over the quality of advice and guidance currently offered to young people have been articulated by a wide range of organisations (National Careers Council, British Chambers of Commerce, CBI, CIPD, AoC, 157, etc.) and many 157 members report that young people are coming to College with very little information or knowledge about Study Programmes, how they are structured or their benefits to learners. A specific concern relates to the information young people may or may not have been given about the requirement for them to continue to study English and/or maths if they have not yet obtained a Grade C in these subjects; and if they have received information about this, how it was been presented to them.

Therefore, this joint 157/AELP project aims to develop clear, engaging information for young people which promotes Study Programmes and ensures that they are fully informed about the different components of an individualised Study Programme, including the need for, and benefits of, continued English and maths for those learners without a Grade C GCSE. This will focus on both the content of the information provided as well as the method of delivering information, focusing on the opportunities provided by social media to reach and connect with young people.

This report covers initial project activity, in October and November 2014, which sought to gather information from Colleges and ITPs as to the challenges of informing young people about the opportunities Study Programmes provide and to identify good practice.


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