1. Summary



This joint 157/AELP project aims to respond to the need for staff capacity building and guidance in combatting extremism and radicalisation and fostering strong values of citizenship among students, through both capturing best practice and making it accessible to others. This report identifies good practice and the challenges faced by providers in this area. It relates to project activity undertaken in October and November 2014.

This project started in October and we originally planned to review existing resources and policy work at the beginning of the project. However, due to the announcement of the new Counter Terrorism and Security Bill in November and its increased duties on FE Colleges, Universities and other education providers, we thought it was best to focus initial activity on identifying good practice and issues for providers. In this way we have been able to ascertain how prepared providers are in this area and identify where our actions may best be placed to assist them to ensure compliance with the new Bill, which is expected to obtain Royal Assent in January 2015.


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