Collab Group concentrates on key sectors and priority areas so we can better understand the needs of industry and industry can better understand the unparalleled impact FE can make.

These sectors - Construction, Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, Digital and Technology, Creative Industries, Professional and Financial Services, Health, and Hospitality - form the backbone of the UK economy.

They are areas of huge opportunity in terms of productive capacity and the prospect for growth, but they are also areas where we are seeing an ever expanding skills gap. We want to change that. We want to capitalise on the opportunities these sectors present and our colleges have the skill and commitment to do so.

Commercial Offerings

Through our network, we're able to utilise the experience and expertise of our leaders to collectively produce meaningful solutions for both public and private sector clients.

For more information contact:

Gary Boyd, Business Development Director – Apprenticeships & Training Services

Steve Bannister, Business Development Director – Apprenticeships & Training Services

Matt Harvey, Business Development Manager – Apprenticeships & Training Services