The creative industries are hugely diverse and our colleges offer tailored provision.

Our colleges recognise the increasing importance of the creative industries in many spheres of the UK economy. The creative industries are hugely diverse and our colleges have provision tailored to that diversity.

They work with leading employers to understand the skills demands of the industries and work in collaboration with a broad range of businesses and trade associations to deliver the best learning experience for their students.

The UK Creative Industry sector is experiencing an unprecedented boom.

Creative industries contribute £84.1bn a year to the UK, and almost 2.9m jobs are located within the wider creative economy.

Creative industries is a broad term to encompass a number of occupations in film, television, theatre, computer game design, fashion and music. A diverse and wide range of skills are required to succeed in a highly competitive sector.

Collab Group recognises the huge economic and cultural contribution that the sector makes to the UK economy and society. We engage with Creative and Cultural Skills and leading employers in the sector to ensure that the provision offered by our colleges is aligned to the wider strategic aims of the sector.

Case Study

Zoe Lane

Hair & Media Make Up

Middlesbrough College

Case Study

James Jones

Art & Design

Coleg Cambria

Commercial Offerings

Through our network Collab Group is able to utilise the experience and expertise of its leaders to offer services to both public and private sector clients. We can provide large scale delivery of apprenticeships for employers as well as expert consultation services relating to skills and education, including advice and insight on the changes in apprenticeship funding and the impact of the levy. The strength of our member network ensures we can collectively produce meaningful solutions to a range of skills-related issues.