Our colleges are actively engaged within the hospitality sector.

Our colleges are actively engaged within the hospitality sector, providing world-class provision for a range of specialisms.

Collab Group colleges offer provision in customer service, catering, Hospitality Management and Hospitality Apprenticeships.

Our colleges have great facilities which recreate real world work environments, ranging from airplane cabins to professional kitchens and hairdressing salons. They have excellent relationships with key employers in the sector including the Whitbread Group, Morrison's and Hilton Hotels.

Collectively our colleges are making a real contribution to the sector and ensuring that the new workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to succeed.

Hospitality is a key growth sector within the UK economy.

The sector encompasses a broad range of services including hotels, retail, restaurants and tourism. The hospitality industry accounted for 17 per cent of net UK employment growth between 2010 and 2014, and is credited with playing a large role in the private sector recovery.

Overall hospitality is the fourth biggest industry in the UK and remains a key employer and recruiter.

Collab Group recognises the importance of the hospitality sector and we are engaged with a broad range of stakeholders to understand the skills and training requirements across the entirety of this service area.

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Commercial Offerings

Through our network Collab Group is able to utilise the experience and expertise of its leaders to offer services to both public and private sector clients. We can provide large scale delivery of apprenticeships for employers as well as expert consultation services relating to skills and education, including advice and insight on the changes in apprenticeship funding and the impact of the levy. The strength of our member network ensures we can collectively produce meaningful solutions to a range of skills-related issues.