For the first 60 years of his life, ‘Adrian’ did not realise he was dyslexic. It wasn’t until his assessment with the Novus team in the Education department at HMP Doncaster that he came to understand why reading and writing had proved so problematic throughout his life.

After leaving school without any qualifications at the age of 15, Adrian went on to become a self-employed carpet fitter. He was never out of work before going into custody, but had to employ staff to do his paperwork.

The story

Just months into his education with Novus, Adrian has already passed three English exams and is working towards the next one.

Adrian said: “When I came into the English class with Novus I found out I was dyslexic. Before that, I did not know why I had struggled with reading and writing and just got on with my life.

“I have been on the English course for four months and have passed my Entry 1, Entry 2 and Entry 3 exams already. I am working towards my Level 1 in Functional Skills English now.”

Adrian’s next target is to secure the qualification that will allow him to work full-time at HMP Doncaster.

He continued: “When I have passed my Level 1 in English, I will be able to get a full-time job in prison. I will have the chance to do all my own paperwork in the business, and read and write things that previously would have been impossible.

“All the teachers in the English class are great at their jobs. I have also passed an Entry 3 Maths exam, and would like to do more maths when I have finished English, because it helps me to better understand questions.”

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