I lived in Australia for 10 years before coming back to the UK last year. I absolutely love cooking and have a particular passion for pastry and cake decoration. I learnt a lot of what I know from my step mum by helping out at her café when we lived in Australia. My dad had studied plumbing at Bedford College when he was younger, so when we came back to the UK I decided to enrol on the Professional Cookery course.

My tutors are really nice and will always help you out if you are having difficulty with something. The course has helped me decide that I want to pursue a career in baking, so I am taking a part-time pastry course alongside the full-time cookery course. I also want to complete the part-time Cake Decoration course before leaving College with the aim of eventually owning my own café or bakery.

Alongside the cooking, we spend some time serving in 25 Restaurant, the College’s on site training restaurant which is open to the public. We also get practical experience in the College’s student restaurant, Munch & Mocha. On a Tuesday morning we work alongside the head chef to help prepare lunch for that day, including any soups, sauces and pasta bakes.

Lessons at College are a lot more fun than at school. It’s also a more independent environment – you want to be there to learn and to work towards your own goals.

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