Collab Group Commercial Services

Collab Group offers services to both public and private sector clients. We work with our members to deliver nationwide apprenticeship and training services to large employers, as well as expert consultation services relating to skills and training.

The expertise of our network produces meaningful solutions to a range of skills-related issues.



A key part of Collab Group is generating profitable joint commercial business for our members

We offer commercial training services for organisations looking to bring new talent into their business, or who wish to upskill or retrain their existing workforce. We also support employers in critical industries to make the most of their apprenticeship levy as we work in partnership to strategically plan their current and future talent needs.

Managed apprenticeship service Corporate and public contracts:

Collab Group colleges have been successful in its application to be a supplier on the DWP Commercial agreement for the provision of employment and health services (CAEHRS). The framework will run for a maximum of 5 years with a value of approximately £8 billion. The new framework will replace the existing Umbrella Agreement, which is due to expire in January 2021. Collab Group Consortium can win up to £38m worth of contracts per annum.


Our partners bring external expertise and insights to assist Collab Group and our members to achieve our strategic ambitions. We collaborate with partners in the skills and employment sector as well as organisations in higher education, the legal industry, labour market analysts, awarding organisations and more. By leveraging a broad base of expertise, we can fulfil our ambitions to transform the current system of technical and professional education.


NCFE is a not-for-profit organisation and a leading provider of educational services.

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Unit-e is the Collab Group's official partner for Management Information

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Here are some testimonials from our most trusted clients.


Empowering the next generation with the vital skills they need to help them into work is key to both their and business success, so I am thrilled Sodexo is enabling this through our new partnership with Collab Group.

Sue Davison
Head of Apprenticeships

We are excited to partner with Collab to deliver our Technical apprenticeships. The partnership will help us to be able to provide more apprenticeship programmes nationwide including remote areas of the UK. Having all our Technical programmes under Collab’s colleges will allow us to be closer to our learners by streamlining our reporting into one system. We will know exactly where everyone is on programme and be able to provide additional support as and when they need it.