What is the Created at College Campaign?

Created at college is a campaign designed to highlight the fantastic work that colleges undertake with employers. We want to show how Collab Group colleges, a subset of some of the largest and most impactful colleges in the UK, are making a real difference to the skills needs of business across the UK. Across a number of vital economic sectors, from construction to healthcare, engineering to business services, colleges are providing a pipeline of new talent to power the growth engine of the UK economy.

The Campaign

Colleges are vital civic and community institutions that work closely with employers of all shapes and sizes.

Colleges work with businesses to develop bespoke programmes to upskill staff and attract new talent. Colleges play an indispensable role in helping employers develop their most important asset .... their people.

Collab Group wants to take the opportunity to celebrate the great work of colleges, so we have developed the #CreatedAtCollege campaign to showcase the impact that colleges are having across business and within communities.

We want to celebrate the great successes colleges have individually, but also how they are working collectively to provide the talent that will power the economy and fill skills gaps.

On top of this we also want to use this opportunity to highlight some of the areas where reform is needed within the sector to give colleges the power to thrive into the future, whether it is through making changes to how the apprenticeship levy works, or helping colleges become more sustainable. Colleges have the opportunity to make their voices heard in this new decade.

We hope to use the campaign as a catalyst and make the case for the huge contributions that further education colleges make to employers and communities across the UK.

Please get in touch to find out how colleges can #create value for you.

What does the group deliver?

Delivers education programmes to 640,000 full & part time students

Train more than 49,000 apprentices annually

Over 150 campuses

Employs nearly 35,000 teachers

Offers over 30,000 courses

Combined turnover of over £1.85billion

The stories so far...


Activate Learning & BMW Group Leadership and Engineering Programmes

A partnership developed between Activate Learning and BMW Group to provide a leadership and engineering programme for production team leaders


Belfast Met & Deloitte

A relationship that Belfast Met has developed with Deloitte UK to support the development and growth of their digital data and technology centre in Belfast


South Staffordshire College and Stoke City FC

A partnership between South Staffordshire College and Stoke City FC to meet the training needs of the football team

Get Involved

Get Involved

The role of colleges in society and our economy can be transformative.

We would love to hear from you about supporting our campaign. If you are an employer, please get in touch to find out how colleges can help secure the next generation of talent in your business.

We would love for you to promote the contribution of colleges on social media using the hashtag #CreatedAtCollege