Chichester College Group & Taylor Wimpey

The College

Activate Learning

The Chichester College Group is the biggest provider of further education in Sussex. The college educates and trains around 25,000 full and part-time students every year.

The college works to improve learning opportunities for students across the region by combining inclusion and excellence to meet local and community needs.

The Employer

Taylor Wimpley is one a residential developer committed to working with local people and communities with more than 5,500 employees.

They build and sell over 10,00 homes each year and operate in the UK and Spain.

The Partnership

The association between Crawley College, part of Chichester College Group, and Taylor Wimpey started in 2017 and is one of the most significant for the college, providing the biggest cohort of apprentices enrolled from a single employer. Working together, the college is responding not only to the skills needs of a major construction employer but also providing opportunities for young people in the local community.

This partnership shows the development of a long-term relationship with a well-established and impactful company within the construction industry - an industry which is booming in the South East and has demonstrated a need for skilled workers. The college provided comprehensive apprenticeship recruitment and training delivery. Since the start of the partnership in 2017, more than 30 apprentices have been able to benefit from the Taylor Wimpey apprenticeship programme.

The Benefits

The college has reaped the rewards of working with one of the UK’s top housing developers. Learners have benefited from this partnership in many ways. It has given them the opportunity to work for a well-established national company which also offers them career pathways - from apprentice to site manager. It has also provided students on construction courses with a clear progression route into employment.

This partnership has also enabled their teaching and assessment staff with the opportunity to work with large cohorts, exposing them to increased assessment opportunities. The college also mentioned that one of the greatest benefits has been its success, which has helped to encourage more students - and more employers - to consider apprenticeships.

Taylor Wimpey said that the main benefit was the attention given to learners. There is a dedicated person at the college who provides them with weekly updates on attendance, behaviour and conduct of all the apprentices and who is available to handle queries.

Additionally, even if the college has not changed Taylor Wimpey’s approach to Talent Management, it has made the recruitment of apprentices easier. The employer can now approach the college who then has the first opportunity to submit candidates.

What they say

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Working with Crawley College in relation to our Apprentices has been a learning curve for both parties, from the Apprenticeship programme’s inception to implementation. Crawley College has accommodated our requests, suggestions and needs as far as possible, and even provided assistance in areas that were unfamiliar to us. Our relationship has developed into one of trust and is a partnership towards the development of the Apprentices.

Fiona Anderson, Apprentice Manager at Taylor Wimpey

This is a brilliant opportunity. I am really glad to be working for a big company like Taylor Wimpey, rather than a subcontractor. There are great opportunities here and I hope to move into site management. The apprenticeship programme also exposes the apprentice, firsthand, to the diversity of careers available not only at Taylor Wimpey, but also across the construction and house building industry.

Connor Lindsay, Senior Bricklaying Apprentice

We are exceptionally proud of our relationship with Taylor Wimpey. It is hugely important to see national companies supporting colleges - and students - who are local to their sites.

There are so many great opportunities in the construction industry for young people to develop a long-lasting career. That’s why we are delighted that apprentices, working at one of the leading housebuilders in the country, are developing their practical skills, as well as gaining valuable experience from working alongside construction experts.

Vicki Illingworth, Principal at Crawley College

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