The College

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Hull College Group is comprised of Hull College, Harrogate College, Goole College and HCUK Training. It offers over 1,000 courses to over 26,000 students every year.

The group has a great reputation for excellence in learning and employability and equips young people and adults with the skills they need for long-term career success.

The Employer

Hobson and Porter (H&P) is an award-winning construction firm operating across the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region.

They have been contributing to the built environment in the region since 1971 through collaboration, innovation and dedication to building projects.

The Partnership

Hull College Group and Hobson and Porter worked together for many years, but their industry engagement stepped up when H&P launched their Foundations Scheme in 2016. The overarching objective of this partnership is to raise awareness of careers in construction and actively support those who had already taken a step towards the industry within the education sector.

In 2016, Hull College Group became an educational partner of their Hobson & Porter’s Foundations Scheme, with the initative still in it’s infancy. The collaboration established links with a vast supply chain and began the process of introducing them to some of the principal beneficiaries of the scheme. The principal ethos of Foundations is to offer vast and diverse industry awareness and engagement for learners, whilst also providing social benefits to local causes.

The Benefits

The Hobson and Porter-Hull College Group partnership is mutually beneficial for many stakeholders. The Foundations scheme undertakes a vast amount of engagement with both primary and secondary schools to raise awareness of the construction industry. With Hull College Group being a partner of H&P, the scheme actively promotes the college to students considering their long-term career options.

The site-based experience and industry engagement has been fundamental to unlocking work-readiness for students at the college. The scheme provides students with more than just an opportunity to walk on a live building site occasionally, it offers opportunities to see and experience first-hand the depth, breadth and diversity of the industry. They can learn about the variety of career paths, whilst reflecting on the tangible benefit to society with their hands-on learning and take pride in their work.

In addition to visiting numerous sites and engaging with community projects, students from the college have had talks and presentations from other market-leading organisations. These industry-led sessions help students to develop their industry knowledge and understand how all different products and trades interface with one another on a construction project.

Many time-served professionals in the industry do not get the opportunity to experience these interactions, so it’s a huge benefit to a student entering the world of work to have both learnt a trade, but also have a strong understanding of the latest developments in the industry and how their trade interacts with others.

For Hobson and Porter, the partnership helps to solve the ever-deepening skills crisis by transitioning much needed fresh blood into the industry. For the college, the partnership promotes awareness of the courses available, enhances the learning experience and improves the student experience when transitioning into industry.

Finally, by deeper collaboration within the supply chain and with local community projects, the active learning opportunities they co-develop provide a lasting and valuable community benefit to the Hull and Humber region. It’s a win-win for all concerned.

What they say

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The transition from education to industry is a notoriously tricky one and it’s our belief that we all have a role to play to make this transition as seamless as possible. The construction industry needs new recruits to help solve the ever-deepening skills crisis and as part of the further education sector, Hull College Group wants to assist in this, not simply by student performance and attainment, but by the number of students transitioning into industry and utilising their new skills.

Hull College

Our Foundations initiative is about the collaboration with our education partners to provide hands-on experience for construction students and people looking to take up a career, spanning the gap between education and industry. Hull College has worked with us for many years and been a key partner in the initiative since it first began. Not only has the partnership helped the college engage its students in relevant skills and training, it has also enabled it to become more receptive to the requirements of the industry by allowing us to have influence on the learning and training involved in the courses it provides. We are very grateful for the support and look forward to working with the College in partnership for many years to come.

Hobson & Porter

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