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Institute for Apprentices Consultation response

From April 2017, the Institute for Apprenticeships will help ensure employers get the quality skills that they need from the apprenticeships system by acting as the ultimate decision maker on approving apprenticeship standards and assessment plans.

Further details of how the institute will operate have been set out in draft strategic guidance.

Independent, and with employers at its heart, the Institute for Apprenticeships will be responsible for approving new apprenticeship standards and how apprentices will be assessed to ensure they respond to the needs of business and give learners the skills and experience they need to succeed.

The proposal to create an Institute for Apprenticeships provides leadership and management for Apprenticeships with Employers playing a key role in one Collab Group would like to see succeed. This consultation responses covers our comments on:

  • Remit of the IFA and relationship to other agencies
  • Timescales for transition
  • Impact on Technical Education
  • Funding
  • Staffing, and;
  • Consultation Timing