Tender opportunity for project on higher technical education

Collab Group are seeking a consultancy firm to undertake a research project to build an evidence base that demonstrates the success of colleges in delivering higher technical education and sets out a clear case for an expanded role for colleges in L4/5 delivery.

A core purpose of this research will be to articulate the “unique selling point” of college based L4/5 provision when compared to other types of provider and to show that large colleges and college groups are best placed to deliver high quality cost effective L4/5 education. Ultimately, we hope that this research will establish that these colleges should be the core providers of this education.

Key areas for investigation will include, but will not necessarily be limited to:

  • Demonstrating the rate of progression and outcomes into further study or employment for college learners who have completed a programme at level 4-5
  • Demonstrating examples of pedagogical excellence in college teaching and learning at Level 4-5
  • Demonstrating how FE colleges provide value for money in the delivery of higher technical education, especially when compared to other types of education providers.
  • Examine the options for alternative models of accreditation to give further education colleges greater flexibility in how they can run, design, and develop these programmes.
  • Demonstrating the applied nature of college-based teaching and education delivery and how colleges work with employers to co-design curriculum.
  • Demonstrate that colleges can deliver this provision at a lower cost point than alternatives.
  • Providing an overall assessment of how well colleges are set up to rapidly expand the volumes of these programmes delivered. Are there any policy, regulatory or perceptual barriers and if so, how might these be overcome?

For further information about this project, please download the tender specfication document.

Responses should be sent to Collab Group no later than 5pm on 20th September 2021.