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The Opportunities created by Cross-Border Collaboration

The United Kingdom is made up of four distinct, dynamic nations, each with different approaches to creating a flexible and responsive skills system. Whilst there are areas of divergence, at root there are commonalities that extend across borders. Each nation recognises the pivotal role that employer designed skills provision will play in creating prosperity and generating economic growth.

At a time of great change in the skills sector, there has never been a better time to grasp the benefits of learning from the different models developed across the UK. The purpose of this position paper is to stimulate discussion with the three devolved governments and to encourage new thinking to address skills and employment challenges.

We have a chance to look within our own borders for answers to our common challenges and apply models that have already been tested and explored. Given the possibility of economic uncertainty surrounding our exit from the European Union, it will be important to collaborate and share ideas across our borders.