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Collab Group announces collaboration with Sopra Steria’s online Competency Training Marketplace (CTM)

Collab Group is pleased to be working with Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital services and software development, to promote the

Sopra Steria’s user-friendly CTM platform is a market disruptor that connects organisations in the rail and construction industries with relevant providers of accredited workplace training.

Using CTM, organisations can manage, forecast and budget workforce training at the touch of a button, helping to maximise productivity and compliance. Training providers can advertise free-of-charge and enjoy deep customer insights into future training demands allowing them to maximise course attendance and drive increased sales.

The collaboration with Sopra Steria represents a natural synergy between the training capabilities of Collab Group’s colleges and the connectivity of Sopra Steria’s CTM platform.

Registration to the platform is now open and Collab Group will be working with Sopra Steria to promote awareness of CTM across the training and workforce development industry. CTM presents a great opportunity to improve the uptake of high-quality training across employers of all shapes and sizes.

Those wishing to register can do so by visiting CTM’s recently launched website

Ian Pretty, CEO of Collab Group said:

I am delighted that Collab Group is collaborating with Sopra Steria to launch CTM. CTM has the potential to deliver a step change in how training providers connect with employers. It poses to simplify and streamline the training procurement process and deliver clear benefits for employers and training providers alike. We look forward to working together and welcome the many opportunities that lie ahead.

Adrian Fieldhouse, MD Government, Sopra Steria UK said:

We are delighted to be working with Collab Group and its national membership of further education colleges and college groups as we launch the Competency Training MarketplaceTM (CTM) with our founding users. Our digital marketplace has the potential to significantly disrupt the training market. With organisations preparing staff for the ‘new normal’, CTM is ideally placed to help organisations better manage their workforce accreditations and control budgets. And for training providers, it offers 24/7 access to new customer insights and a marketplace where organisations are actively seeking new and relevant training.

Visit the CTM Website

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