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How Collab Group is partnering with colleges and businesses to achieve better outcomes

The latest research shows a worrying economic trend; that there is a growing disconnect between what students are learning and the skills required by UK businesses.

Research by the Industrial Strategy Council predicts an impending skills shortage that could stifle economic growth across the UK, limiting employment opportunities and earnings, and negatively impacting overall performance, productivity, and prosperity.

Elsewhere, Skills Taskforce for Global Britain research shows that 46 per cent of foreign firms and 22 per cent of domestic firms will move operations abroad if they can’t get the skills they need. The same research found UK foreign direct investment was too concentrated in London and the south-east.

At Collab Group, we’re partnering with our member colleges and businesses across the UK to achieve better outcomes; by ensuring learners have access to the education and skills training they need to secure high-value, well-paid jobs across the UK and by ensuring businesses are connected colleges.

Our member colleges are investing in attracting qualified teachers who teach ‘in demand’ skills to an industry standard; class sizes remain small, intensifying and improving the learning experience; and by recruiting learners from across the UK, participation is widening. And this approach is being well received by businesses across the UK. Here’s what some of our partners had to say…

A leading energy company said, “Bridgewater and Taunton College has developed a suite of qualifications geared to the needs of Hinkley Point C and the nuclear industry within the area more generally. Facilities are a particular strength of the college and [we] have contributed to the development of these.”

A full-service digital consultancy said, “What we’ve been doing is to help them put together a course that’s aimed at people who could then possibly come to a business like ours. The sort of skills we look for are relatively scarce in the marketplace. If we can help people into the marketplace with the right kind of skills, it helps everybody.”

A local health board said, “We have a longstanding relationship with [our local college]. The partnership working is phenomenal. The standard of the tutors is fantastic.”

A flight services training campus, “The college is flexible in that they are able to adjust some of the course to take account of our different skills needs. We have worked with them for 10-years. They understand our business and we understand what they can provide.”

At Collab Group, we’re working with our member colleges and business partners to provide solutions to the UK’s skills and economic growth challenges. This is how we’re creating value for learners, the industry and the government; this is how we’re achieving better outcomes and making a positive difference in the future world of work.

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