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Collab Group offers a range of services to identify, train and retain new talent. These services are employer-focused and have been created to prepare the talent of the future. Our services harness the delivery expertise and capabilities of our colleges to develop solutions for business that are innovative, impactful and create value both for staff and employers.

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Collab Group Commercial Services

iconCollab Group Commercial Services

Bridge into Construction is an industry-led talent engagement programme which is changing the way the construction industry is perceived. Build UK and Collab Group designed this course to give young people the training and expertise needed to address the skills shortage in the construction industry.

Collab Group Leadership Programme

iconCollab Group Leadership Programme

Sales capability is the key driver of the UK economy. As such, sales training should be a core component of your skills development strategy. With an emphasis on process-driven sales, the Collab Sales Academy training programme can help your business to grow.



The Collab Group offers a range of technical and vocational services to international clients.