Bridge into Construction

Bridge into Construction is an industry-led talent engagement programme which is providing students with a strong foundation for a future career in the industry.

Currently, at least one-third of young people completing a construction further education course do not continue into employment within the industry. Despite having studied in FE, young people find that they do not have the experience or skills required for an apprenticeship. In response, Build UK and Collab Group designed this flexible course to give young people the training and expertise needed to address the skills shortage in the construction industry.

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Programme of delivery

The Bridge into Construction course provides a blueprint for how the construction sector can attract new talent and develop an innovative entry-level career pathway. The programme responds to a real need within the construction industry and was developed based on employer feedback. The programme is flexible and allows learners to experience all phases of a construction project from the tendering stage, through to design, construction and post-construction. Learners can get a taste of where they excel and where they may be able to progress further.

All learners have access to work experience opportunities so they can apply the skills that they have learnt in a real-world setting.

Programme Items


Strong employer input and a project-based teaching style matches teaching to what is required ‘on-the-job’.


Through project-based teaching, students understand the lifecycle of a construction project.


Students visit live construction sites and gain a relevant health and safety qualification.


A variable curriculum designed to meet local skills needs.


Programme designed by construction employers to respond to business needs.


Programme provides a great recruitment opportunity for apprenticeships.

Benefits to your business

Offering work placements for the Bridge Into Construction programme has a number of advantages for your business. These include:

Targeted learning: focused on specific skills needs, tailored to industry, geography and demographic trends.

Investible: design and delivery that attracts and encourages investment demonstrates value for money and time/resource investment.

Access a new source of skilled and motivated talent.

Diversify your workforce.

Support progression into sustainable employment.

Develop deeper partnerships with further education colleges.


The Bridge into Construction Programme is delivered by 8 leading colleges across the country.


Barnet and Southgate College: one of the largest colleges in the Greater London region, covering North London and Hertfordshire


Blackpool and the Fylde College: qualified by the Ofsted and Quality Assurance Company as the third best general Further Education college in the whole of the UK


South Thames College Group: FE college with a geographical spread across Southwestern portions of the capital, the group has over 17,000 students.


South Essex College: the largest technical and vocational education and training provider in Essex, catering for over 12,000 students


Sheffield College: a leading FE institution in South Yorkshire, England, with over 20,000 students enrolled on a full and part-time basis


Trafford College: based in Greater Manchester, North West England, with over 11,000 students - both adults and young people.


Newham College: based across two key sites in East London, East Ham and Stratford, providing training and education for over 13,000 students.


LSEC: the region’s leading college with campuses across Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich. It offers a wide range of qualifications to over 11,000 students.


United Colleges Group: formed by the Central London College of North West London and the City of Westminster College,it caters for over 19,000 students each year.


The programme is supported by key stakeholders and employers in the construction industry.


Build UK: a leading representative organisation for the UK construction industry. It represents over 11,500 organisations committed to industry collaboration.


Pearson’s: a world learning company, with expertise in a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology.


Department for Work and Pensions: government body responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy.


Keepmoat: a fast growing and the leading home builder for first time buyers, providing high quality, affordable homes throughout the UK.


Canary Wharf Contractors: world leading organisation in designing, managing, constructing and delivering office an retail developments.

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