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The need to develop a professional, skilled and ethical sales force is greater than ever. The world of sales has changed rapidly over the past decade, but the capabilities of salespeople have not always kept up with the pace of change. Therefore, Collab Group and the APS have developed the Sales Academy programme based on the level 4 B2B Sales Executive Apprenticeship standard. We have developed a set of innovative training materials to guide and professionalise salespeople who could go on to be significantly more productive and effective as the sales ambassadors for their companies and UK industry.

About Sales Executive Apprenticeships

Programme of delivery

The Collab Group Sales Academy is an innovative programme that seeks to deliver high quality sales apprenticeship training to upskill or retrain sales professionals. The programme is based on a blended approach comprising of online learning materials, classroom learning and online sales webinars.

The programme will be delivered through:

  • Classroom based workshops with an emphasis on experiential learning through 10 classroom based master-classes.

  • Learn online at any time through a comprehensive suite of learning resources. Engaging online webinars.

  • One to one tutor support: tutors will visit learners ever 6-8 weeks for one to one support. Tutor support can also be accessed online.

  • Complete job relevant assignments related to the workplace and aligned with company sales activity.

  • Learners will achieve the APS Level 4 Sales Executive Qualification

Programme items


Programme focuses on on process driven sales with core learning modules on Lean for Sales and Theory of Constraints.


Programme beneficiaries will undertake the Sales Executive Apprenticeship Level 4.


APS will provide a Learning Journal Template, and assessment criteria.


Programme leads to an APS sales qualification and APS membership

The Benefits to you and your business

The benefits of the sales academy to you and your business include:

APS membership discount

25% APS membership discount on completion.

Latest sales techniques

Upskill your workforce with the latest process driven sales techniques.

Increased retention

Increase retention by investing in the development of staff members.

Latest techniques

Working smarter by achieving greater results with less expenditure of time

Peer Learning

Learning from fellow sales professionals working in the education sector


We work with colleges and employers to develop this programme:


Association of Professional Sales: an organisation that is committed to improving the skills, knowledge and behaviour needed to be successful in sales.


CCCT: provides apprenticeships and bespoke training courses delivered by professional educators with industry experience.

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