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The energy and utilities sector is vital to our national life. The industry is responsible for the supply of gas, water and electricity and covers a wide range of specialisms. The sector faces both new opportunities and challenges brought on by the digital revolution, and by the increasing and changing expectations of its consumers.

Collab Group provision is growing in this area and the arrival of new technologies like smart-metering means that a highly skilled workforce is necessary to respond to opportunities for growth and innovation.

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The energy and utilities sector will play an indispensable role in boosting our national economic growth and productivity. The need to create a flexible workforce, with a real employee focus, is essential to achieve these ambitions— employers need to be able to access highly skilled and talented individuals from different backgrounds.

However, increasing domestic uncertainty coupled with Brexit negotiations present immediate concerns for the sector. External challenges posed by new regulations, environmental obstacles and rising customer expectations are also significant challenges, but perhaps no single problem is as urgent as those around skills and recruitment. The E&U sector will need 221,000 recruits by 2027 to keep pace with rising demand. Focus, therefore, must be placed on diversifying the workforce, ensuring access to talent with higher level skills, and making the sector attractive to a more diverse range of people. The industry is aware of these issues, and accessing high-quality training through technical education and apprenticeships is key to addressing these, but with so many providers in the marketplace, it is difficult to know where to turn.

The further education sector, with its strong relationships with local communities, excellent technical provision and adaptability and flexibility is an obvious choice. Collab Group offers employers have a single point of access, robust processes for quality assurance and the ability to respond flexibly to your business needs.

We focus on three delivery factors to accommodate large national employers:

  • Quality in our colleges is ensured by high Ofsted credentials, managed service assurances, and investment in delivery
  • Adaptability is strong throughout our colleges who can respond flexibly to the needs of industry
  • Our UK-wide expertise, ensures we combine strong local delivery which can be replicated on a national basis
Why Choose Collab Group

Why Choose Collab Group

Providing the sector with a pipeline of talent

Being able to leverage the strengths of our 35 colleges has proved invaluable for large national employers looking to generate a pipeline of talent, diversify their workforce and generate sustainable skills within their industry. The skills challenges facing the energy and utilities sector are considerable, but working in partnership with Collab Group has clear benefits to provide the sector with a pipeline of highly skilled talent.

Courses Offered By Our Members

Our colleges offer a variety of apprenticeships for learners to enter into different careers in the energy and utility sector. Whether as technicians or engineers, learners have an opportunity to get insights into a different range of roles.


Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer

The course will teach learners how to safely install, exchange and maintain smart meters and explain customers how they work


Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician

Students will learn how to maintain the safety, integrity and effective operation of plant and equipment the infrastructure industry.


Gas Engineering

The programme teaches students how install and maintain gas appliances in a domestic or non-domestic setting


Water Process Technician

Students will learn how to carry out reactive and routine maintenance on water process equipment, working on water supply and treatment, water networks and leakage, sewerage and wastewater

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