Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing is a crucial sector in the UK economy.

The sector demands a continual supply of highly trained and skilled professionals to undertake challenging but rewarding work in fields ranging from transport, infrastructure and defence. Collab Group colleges work closely with key players in the sector to support their recruitment needs.

If you're a large employer in the engineering or manufacturing sector we can work with you to utilise your apprenticeships levy with minimal bureaucracy.

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Engineering and manufacturing are one of the UK's broadest industries.

The UK is currently the eighth largest manufacturing nation in the world and, in 2015, it contributed 26% of the UK’s GDP, equating to £486bn. In recent decades, recruitment has become a real challenge for the sector both in the UK and in the rest of Europe. The engineering and manufacturing sectors offer a myriad of opportunities, but the education system is not producing new talent at the rate required. In 2016, the engineering sector employed 5.7 million (19% of the UK total population), and it needs to fill an extra 257,000 entry level posts by 2022. What is clear is that the need for skilled engineers has never been as pressing as it is today.

In addition to a lack of young people entering into the sector, it is also facing an ageing workforce. A significant proportion of the workforce is in its 50s and 60s, while under 35s are hard to find, which could cause a real leadership gap in the coming years. The sector is also looking to diversify its workforce. Around 12% of engineers and technicians are women, compared to a 49% average in the UK workforce. There are a variety of initiatives to encourage girls into STEM sectors, but much more needs to be done. Collab Group takes issues of diversity seriously, and with access to a talent pool of over 600,000 learners, we are uniquely placed to create bespoke talent solutions that filter diverse cohorts of young people into the right positions.

Collab Group is uniquely able to help the engineering and manufacturing sectors to recruit a dynamic and modern workforce. We can provide a single national solution to meet the skills needs of employers. We can work with you to understand your business challenges and help you identify, recruit and train the talent that can fuel business growth.

Our colleges can demonstrate significant depth and breadth by delivering a range of qualifications at both lower and higher levels across a range of specialist areas. Our colleges offer a comprehensive portfolio of STEM courses that will help your business gain the expertise that you need.

Why Choose Collab Group

Why Choose Collab Group

How Collab Group can help

Collab Group can provide a unique service to employers in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Our colleges can harness specialist capabilities in areas including automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering. We are experts in working with large organisations to work out how you can use your apprenticeship levy to get the right talent and skills into your business.

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Case Studies

Check out these stories of apprentices that have found their passion for engineering and manufacturing.

Lillie Cooper

Lillie Cooper

A 16 year-old with a very clear career path

16-year-old Lillie, a former Chosen Hill pupil from Gloucester knew exactly what career path she wanted to take. She decided an apprenticeship would be the best option for her as it enabled her to learn from professionals at work, as well as the experienced lecturers at GC. Lillie is responsible for the assembly of CMB units and organising the company’s apprentices in order for assembly to be completed on time.

She’s learnt many skills already, including identifying and modifying components, testing procedures, contamination awareness and preventative measures; alongside transferable ones such as problem solving, time management, leadership and communication.

Courses Offered By Our Members

From lower levels through to higher and degree level provision, our colleges offer training in areas ranging from aerospace, electrical and land-based engineering.


Accident repair technician

The course combines a mix of knowledge with practice, focussing on tasks like carrying out minor and major repairs to the body panel and establishing paint defects.


Engineering technician

The programs prepare students to use modern technology, math and science to solve technical engineering problems.


Heavy vehicle service and maintenance technician

The courses include principles of systems and machinery, maths, fundamentals of mechanics and hands-on training.


Land-based service engineering technician

The course teaches students to provide advanced technical support and guidance across a range of plant and equipment.


Rail engineering technician

The program focuses on the maintenance of the railway, to ensure the functional and operational installation of assets.

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